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How to plan a trip with an electric car


Publication date: 26/07/21

When it comes to traveling along the Costa Vicentina to enjoy the sun and warmth of the beaches on the Alentejo coast, or taking a vacation along the Douro to appreciate the beauty and charm of its wine landscapes, here are some suggestions for those traveling with an electric vehicle:

Traveling off the highway

Unlike internal combustion engine vehicles, the average consumption on the highway when driving an electric vehicle increases. In this sense, by traveling off the highway, electric vehicle drivers will not only achieve a better average consumption in terms of energy and tolls, but they can also enjoy the view of the towns in our country and support local businesses.

However, traveling on the highway is also a solution for those interested in reaching their destination quickly. In this case, miio suggests that the driver check if the service stations have charging points. It is worth noting that the charging points on highways are Fast DC (fast charging points), so it is important to consider how long the vehicle will take to charge. Therefore, the driver should:

  • Choose the most suitable plug for the vehicle;
  • If they have a Plug-in, check if it makes sense to charge at a Fast Charge;
  • Take into account that vehicles should not charge more than 80-90% at a DC Fast Charge, as not only does the cost/benefit become uninteresting, but it also congests the Fast DC and hinders the journey of other drivers. Charge only what is necessary to reach the next stop.

Choose a hotel with a charging point

It is always more comfortable to be able to leave the car charging while being able to do any other task, so accommodation with a charging point on-site or nearby will provide comfort and convenience to move around with tranquility and, upon return, recharge.

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Alternatively, selected restaurants, shopping malls, or cities/towns to visit will surely have a charging point. It is important for the driver to check in advance if there is a charging point in the area, as often parking the car in a parking lot without a charging point or in the one next door with a charging point greatly facilitates logistics.

Traveling abroad

If traveling abroad, check how you can charge in that country: there are solutions abroad that do not accept Portuguese addresses or that are simply not reliable. It is important for the driver to register in advance and look for online feedback to prevent possible setbacks.

Simulation of charging stops

Before leaving home, the driver of an electric vehicle should check which charging points exist until the destination and simulate how many stops they will have to make until the destination in order to coordinate with other activities, such as lunch, a coffee, or visiting a city along the way.

Taking advantage of the charging time to do other activities helps to continue the journey more comfortably and calmly.

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Battery regeneration

In case of going on vacation to a mountain range and there are no charging points nearby, it is important for the driver to use battery regeneration on descents, as it will make a big difference.

Air conditioning

In case of any emergency regarding the estimated range, turning off the air conditioning can help save a few kilometers.

Finally, the driver can check the consumption made with the electric vehicle and draw various conclusions, such as: how much they save by going on vacation with an electric vehicle? Or how can they improve their consumption?